Icy Royalty Bracelet

Icy Royalty Bracelet

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Blue is the color of water, the ocean, the sky and healing. In many ancient civilizations, like the ancient Egyptians, blue crystals were used in their rituals as they were believed to represent heaven. Cleopatra was aid to crush blue gemstones, like Lapis Lazuli, to use for vibrant cosmetics. Blue gemstonespromote spiritual awakening, serenity and tranquility. Using blue stones, especially when you are under stress, is said to surround you with calming, soothing energies to relieve stress and calm the mind. They can be used to reopen the energetic flow in areas that are blocked, encouraging you to relax, open up communication and find inner peace.

When you connect with the energy of blue gemstones, it encourages a healthy change in perspective by giving you a wider view of any problem or challenge. If you feel stuck in a rut, it could be your own stubbornness that keeps you from changing and evolving. It might be a needlepoint cliché, but blue gemstones help you ‘go with the flow’ instead of forcing things to happen or not doing anything at all, which can sometimes be worse.

Blue gemstones are also useful in meditation because the shade of blue is soft, expansive, and instantly soothing. If you’re feeling stressed, a light blue gemstone is one of the best remedies for a frazzled mind/body/spirit, which is why blue waters of an island paradise are always the focal point of vacation brochures; it promises freedom, relaxation—an escape from the hectic pace of modern life.

Gold, Royal Blue, Brown and Black Beaded Crown Charmed Bracelet with an adjustable Clasp

Jewelry Care: Please avoid direct contact with water, perspiration, and chemicals such as perfume, detergent, and lotion. Excessive light, heat or moisture, which will deteriorate the quality of the bracelets.